You're a purpose-driven organization or thought leader with something to say. Let us take the time-consuming tech stuff off your plate and help you tell stories that matter.

Authenticity is Everything

You aren't just looking to hire a podcast editor -- you want to build your credibility as an expert and thought leader.

You are looking to educate, inspire, and give back to your community. Sound quality, engagement, and professionalism matter. With over 10 years of audio engineering and branding experience, we understand that podcast production is an art.  Pacing and authenticity get noticed. Your guests sound best as the vibrant and unique human beings they are, not AI bots who don't breathe.

Individuals and communities out there need your guidance and insight. We want to help you get the engagement and results you're looking for and take the stress out of podcast production and storytelling. Maybe even make it fun. Whether you need help with equipment, a brand strategy, or weekly podcast production services, we're here to be a part of your team.

Launch with Purpose

Strategy is the most important part of your launch process. We can work with you on a roadmap that gives your podcast the purpose and direction it needs to stand out and make an impact. Then we'll simplify the process by taking care of the launch for you, from equipment selection to cover art.

Bespoke Podcast Production 

Business podcasts need good stories and high-quality audio. You can choose the edits or we can handle the creative choices for you. We edit, mix and master each episode with a refined ear. No corners are cut. We listen to every second of the episode to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Coaching & Creative Guidance

Do you need help with content ideas or feel like your podcast could be better? Are you struggling to get listeners? We can help you identify ways to improve your podcast and better connect with your ideal listeners.

Branding & Strategy

Producing a quality podcast isn't just about good editing or inspiring cover art. It's about understanding your identity and audience. We can help you better define your positioning, build audience personas, and engage your listeners.

Podcasting 101 for Businesses

Just getting started? Podcast production can be overwhelming. We can help!

Why should Businesses Podcast?

Grow Your Audience

37% (104 million) Americans 12 and over are listening to podcasts regularly in 2020, up from 32 % in 2019. People like to listen while they get things done.

The Infinite Dial 2020

Brand Authority

Share your experience with listeners in a more personal and relatable way. Letting your audience to get to know your team and your company can help you become a trusted leader in your market. 

6.5 Hours of Listening

Roughly 24 million American’s listen to podcasts every week. They spend an average of six hours and thirty-nine minutes listening to podcasts.

The Infinite Dial 2020

Build Relationships

The human voice is an immediate and expressive form of communication. Build stronger relationships with your audience and open doors to networking opportunities. 

Micro Content

A single podcast episode can be repurposed into an SEO rich transcript for a blog, shareable videos, or audiograms for social media.

Internal Communication

Podcasts can be an effective form of internal communication.  They can be used to replace traditional newsletters, help build company culture, for onboarding, and learning and development.

Why Work with Us?

Tansy Aster Audio is a professional audio engineering and podcast production services business that strives to deliver the best sound for our clients. We love working with brands that promote inclusivity and accessibility. We invest in premium audio equipment and tools and can offer analog mastering of your episodes. Analog mastering helps give your podcast depth that can't be replicated with an entirely digital workflow. We are also experienced musicians and composers that can produce a sound that is all your own.

We are part of Tansy Aster Creative, a woman-owned, neurodiverse business that specializes in brand strategy for creative minds and disrupters. We understand a podcast is an extension of your brand. We use our 10+ years of experience in audio engineering, video storytelling, and brand development to help businesses launch podcasts and engage their customers and communities.







Clients We've Worked With

We offer a variety of services to our clients, from consultation only to full-service podcast production services. We are happy to create a package that suits your organization's needs.

Chris Curran picture

Jesse’s style and quality of audio production is top notch. He is an elite podcast producer due to his experience, talent, knowledge, production tools and personal skills.

Chris Curran

Host, Podcast Engineering Show
Amanda McCune photo

With a podcast, audio quality is almost as important as the content itself, so I feel relieved knowing I have a professional on my side to make each episode sound way better than what I can do on my own.

Aardvark Girl

Host, Business for Self-Employed Creatives