Audio & Video

Bespoke Podcast Editing and Production

For busy thought leaders and organizations that want to sound like the pros they are

You're Pros. You should Sound like It


We run your virtual recording sessions, perform sound checks and coach everyone on best practices to ensure each recording is captured as professionally as possible.

Mixing and Mastering

Engaging content isn't enough; it needs to sound clear and polished to your audience. We professionally mix and master each episode so it will represent your company well.

Videos and Motion Graphics

When it comes to marketing and social media campaigns, videos get high engagement rates. YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google. With over 10 years of video production and editing experience, we can help you produce compelling video promos, intros and outros, and inspiring stories.

Podcast Editing

Business podcasts need engaging, professional content. We edit your podcast to reduce distractions, filler words and pauses while maintaining the natural flow of a conversation.

Custom Music

Your intro and outro should be made for your podcast alone. Stock music has its purpose, but there's a chance other podcasts are using the same intro/outro. Why not stand out?

Podcast Marketing Assets

Audiograms are like movie trailers. They are a great way to market your podcast and inspire your audience to hear more. As an added bonus? You'll have compelling social media content you don't have to produce. Our audiograms are custom-made in-house.

Well-written show notes can bring listeners to your website and have a positive impact on SEO.

We can provide human-produced and AI-generated transcripts for you. Transcripts help make your podcast more accessible and are another great way to improve SEO.

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Get Full Podcast Editing and Production Support with Our White Glove Service

Your marketing team has enough on their plate--we can handle the details. We can take care of the recording, editing, mixing and mastering of each episode, scheduling episodes for release, and providing you with optional creative assets, like transcripts and audiograms.

Popular Podcast Editing & Production Packages

An unagency experience - we are small but mighty

An engaging podcast requires consistency. When you work with Tansy Aster, you will be working directly with us for every episode. We don’t outsource our work to the next available editor. This is one of the advantages of working with a smaller company. We only take on a handful of clients so we can focus on your projects--projects we love and believe in--and not how quickly we can get on to the next.

Below are our most popular podcast editing and engineering packages. If you need other options, we can create a custom package to suit your needs.  Just fill out our podcast questionnaire and we'll be in touch.

White Glove

Starts at $2000/month

  • 45-60 minute episodes
  • Up to 3 participants
  • Noise reduction
  • Editing
  • Content edits from time stamps
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Upload and schedule for release
  • Run each remote recording session
  • Sound check before each session
  • Provide support during session
  • We provide the virtual recording studio
  • Two audiograms or social media graphics
  • AI generated transcripts
  • Annual podcast audit
  • Optional add-ons include show notes, custom animated audiograms and promo videos, human verified transcripts

Pro Editing

Starts at $1000/month

  • 45-60 minute episodes
  • Up to 3 participants
  • Noise reduction
  • Editing
  • Content Edits from timestamps
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • AI generated transcripts
  • Upload and schedule for release
  • Optional add-ons include engineering recording sessions, show notes, human transcripts, custom animated audiograms and promo videos

Mix & Master

$95 per episode

  • 45-60 minute episodes
  • Up to 3 participants
  • Noise reduction
  • Content Edits from timestamps
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

What Our Clients Say

Tansy Aster has been great to work with on our podcast.  The audio quality of the podcast, audiograms and other creative content has been high quality and consistent with our brand and messaging.  Their experience and insights have proven to be invaluable as we continue to grow and market our show.  Tansy Aster has been a great asset to the team and we appreciate their ability to always provide excellent service even on such incredibly short notice.

Derin Turner

Executive Producer, Smarter Markets

Jesse’s easy going manner has been especially helpful to us and to our guests (best-selling authors and CEOs) as he conducts technology checks and helps us overcome any audio challenges that can happen in the middle of a conversation. His post production work makes the entire episode flow smoothly and we all sound as if we’re in the same room. 

Pam & Scott Harper

Co-Hosts, Growth Igniters Radio

Jesse’s style and quality of audio production is top notch. He is an elite podcast producer due to his experience, talent, knowledge, production tools and personal skills.


Chris Curran

Host, Podcast Engineering Show

With a podcast, audio quality is almost as important as the content itself, so I feel relieved knowing I have a professional on my side to make each episode sound way better than what I can do on my own.

Aardvark Girl

Host, Business for Self-Employed Creatives